First introduced in 1966, this small car was a hit right away. In 1970 it had already reached the status of the #2 best-selling imported car in America. By 2005, its 30 millionth model was produced. And now, in 2016, it reaches its 50th anniversary and is even more incredible than ever before! It's the Toyota Corolla and we welcome one and all to take a look at the video below celebrating it. You'll see its look change through the years, learn about the milestones it has hit, and perhaps even add it to the top of your to-do list this week.



When you're ready to experience all that the Corolla has to offer in person, come on down to Thompson Toyota and see it among the rest of our new Toyota models. With our friendly experts at your side, the whole lineup in front of you, and the opportunity for a test drive, you'll have no trouble finding the ride of your dreams.

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