Pre-Owned Vehicle Reconditioning Process at Thompson Toyota

What Does It Mean When a Vehicle is Reconditioned?

Vehicle reconditioning is the process of taking a pre-owned vehicle and sending it through multiple inspections, performing any needed repairs, and finally, a full detailing to bring it back to “like new” conditions both mechanically and cosmetically. Vehicle reconditioning is important because it lets the next owner know that their next vehicle is mechanically sound and ready to drive. We the reconditioning process very seriously. We want vehicles on our lot that we're proud to offer, and a customer would be proud to drive.

What is the Vehicle Reconditioning Process at Thompson Toyota?

The vehicle reconditioning process at Thompson Toyota is very thorough but easy to understand.

  1. Visual Inspection

    It starts with our Pre-Owned Sales Manager taking a close look at the interior and exterior of the pre-owned vehicle in question. They make notes of anything they easily spot that needs to be repaired or replaced on the exterior of the vehicle. They’ll relay their findings to the service center where the vehicle will undergo a much more in-depth inspection.

  2. Service Center

    One of our Toyota Certified technicians will perform any needed repairs and make sure the vehicle is fit to pass a state inspection. Tires and brakes are checked, and even if they meet factory specifications, our team will replace them if they aren’t visually appealing.

  3. Detail Center

    The final phase of our vehicle reconditioning process takes place at Thompson Detail Center, where our team will cosmetically refurbish the interior and exterior. This step includes any bumper repair, paint correction, leather refinishing, or wheel restoration that may be needed. Once this step is complete, the vehicle is sent back to Thompson Toyota for final approval from our Pre-Owned Sales Manager!

While the procedure may seem lengthy, our goal is to complete this process in less than a few days so we have a fully reconditioned pre-owned vehicle on our lot and available for customers as soon as possible.

Why is Vehicle Restoration Important?

Vehicle reconditioning gives you, as a customer, peace of mind that the pre-owned vehicle you’re investing in is reliable, safe, and of course, looks good! The goal of vehicle reconditioning is to address any pre-existing issues so you can be hassle-free in the near future. The team at Thompson Toyota exceeds expectations when it comes to vehicle reconditioning - we set high standards for ourselves and always aim to surpass them. That’s all part of the Thompson Difference.