Thompson Toyota is dedicated to helping you care for your Toyota from the day you first drive it off the lot, through all your years of ownership. Our Doylestown sales and service experts are always available to answer any questions or help with any concerns that may come up regarding your vehicle.

Below is a quick dashboard lights reference guide to help you navigate some of the Toyota lights and indicators you may notice on your vehicle dashboard throughout your driving journeys around Bucks County, Montgomery County, and the Philadelphia area. If any of your dashboard lights cause worry, please reach out to our service department immediately and we will make sure your Toyota is taken care of so that you can get back onto the road quickly and safely.





Parking Brake Indicator

 Brake System
Warning Light

Charging System Warning Light

If this light comes on the parking
brake is not released. It is possible it
is partially engaged. Try operating the parking brake once again to fully release the brake. The light should turn off after the parking brake has been fully released.

The brake system warning light and 
buzzer indicate a possible problem in 
the brake system.  The brake fluid level 
is low or the brake system is malfunctioning.  Immediately stop the vehicle in a safe place and
contact your Toyota service provider.
When this light illuminates, there may be a malfunction in the vehicle charging system.  Pull over in a safe location as soon
as possible and stop the vehicle.
Contact your Toyota dealer.




SRS Warning Light

 Security Indicator with Smart Key System

Security Indicator without Smart Key System

There may be a malfunction in the SRS airbag system, the seat belt pretensioner system, or the front passenger occupant classification system.  Have the vehicle inspected immediately by your Toyota dealer to prevent the system operating abnormally or possibly causing an accident. This light will flash after the ENGINE START STOP switch is off, indicating
that the system is operating. After
the ENGINE START STOP switch has been turned to ACCESSORY or
IGNITION ON mode, the indicator
light will stop flashing to show that
the system is canceled.

This light will flash after the key has been removed from the engine switch to indicate that the system is operating.  The light will stop flashing after the key has been inserted into the engine switch, to indicate that the system has been canceled.  



Open Door
Warning Light

Driver's & Front Passenger's Seat Belt Reminder Light
Rear Passenger's Seat Belt Reminder Light

This warning light and buzzer
indicate that a vehicle door is not
fully closed.  Ensure that all doors
are closed, and the light and
buzzer should go off.

This light and warning buzzer
remind the driver and front
passenger to fasten their seat belt.
Any front seats that are occupied
need to have fastened seat belts
for the buzzer and light to turn off.
A buzzer will sound and this
light will illuminate to signal
that rear passengers do not have
their seat belts fastened.  Have
all rear passengers fasten
their seat belts.

Electric Power Steering (EPS) Warning Light

High Coolant Temperature Warning Light

Low Engine Oil
Pressure Warning Light

 This light and buzzer indicate that
a malfunction may be present
 in the EPS system.  Have
your vehicle inspected by a
Toyota dealer immediately.

 This warning indicator will be accompanied by a buzzer, and indicates that the engine is overheating.  Immediately stop
the vehicle in a safe spot. 
Continued operation of the vehicle
could be dangerous.

This warning light will illuminate
and a buzzer will sound if the
engine oil level gets too low. 
Check the engine oil level,
adding if necessary.  If stopped
on an incline, move to a level
surface and recheck.

Required Light

Tire Pressure
Warning Light

Indicator Lamp

 Indicates that maintenance is required according to the driven distance on the maintenance schedule. On newer Toyota models, this light will turn on every 5,000 miles to remind you of an oil change and tire rotation. Perform maintenance as necessary and reset light.

If lit, you have low tire pressure from
a flat tire or natural causes, and should immediately stop the vehicle in a
safe location.  If this light comes on
after blinking for one minute, there
may be a malfunction in the tire
pressure warning system and you
should have the vehicle inspected.
Illumination of this light and the
sounding of a buzzer signals a
malfunction in the electronic engine
control system, throttle control system,
or continuously variable transmission control system (if equipped).  Have the vehicle inspected immediately by your Toyota dealer.


Low Fuel Level
Warning Light

Automatic Headlight Leveling Warning Light

Pre-Collision System (PCS) Warning Light
Vehicle fuel levels are dangerously low.  Refuel the vehicle.

This light warns drivers that the automatic headlight leveling system is not working properly.
Have your vehicle inspected immediately by your Toyota dealer.

This warning light indicates a malfunction
in the pre-collision system. 





Lane Departure Alert (LDA) Indicator

Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) Indicator

TRAC OFF Indicator
When illuminated white, the LDA system is operating. When green, the steering wheel assistance of the steering assist function is operating.  When flashing orange, the lane departure alert function is operating. This indicator illuminates when the
blind spot monitor is enabled, alerting
the driver that a vehicle is in the blind
spot of your rear view mirrors, or is approaching rapidly from behind.
When illuminated, the TRAC and/or VSC are disabled.  Disabling TRAC and/or VSC is useful if stuck in snow or mud, as it can reduce power from the engine to the wheels. To turn off TRAC but keep Trailer Sway Control ON, press the VSC OFF switch briefly. To turn off TRAC and turn Trailer Sway Control OFF, hold the VSC OFF switch in for 3 seconds while at a complete stop.



Active Traction Control System Indicator

Vehicle Stability Control OFF Indicator

Turn Signal Indicator
When illuminated, the A-TRAC system
has been activated, preventing the
spinning of 4 wheels when accelerated
or started on slippery surfaces.  Pressing
the A-TRAC switch will turn the
system on or off, if equipped.

This light shows that VSC is turned off.
If the vehicle gets stuck in the mud
or snow, turning VSC off may help
you rock the vehicle to free it. 
To turn it off, push and hold the
switch while the vehicle is
completely stopped to turn off
TRAC and VSC.  This should
cause the TRAC OFF and VSC
OFF lights to come on. 
Pushing the switch again should
turn the system back on.
This indicates that the left or right 
turn signal has been activated.  If 
flashing rapidly, a light bulb might 
have burned out and may 
need to be replaced.



 Headlight High Beam

Automatic High Beam Indicator
Eco Driving Indicator

When this indicator is illuminated,
the high beams are switched on.
The high beams can be turned on
by pushing the lever away from
you while the headlights are turned
on.  They can be turned off by
pulling the lever towards you.

A camera sensor behind the
windshield assesses the brightness
of the lights ahead and automatically adjusts  the high beams as they are needed.  Pushing the lever away with the headlights switch in the AUTO position will cause the indicator to come on when the system is operating. 

When the ECO MODE switch has
been pressed this indicator will come
on.  This mode makes acceleration
less aggressive and reduces
effectiveness of the air conditioning
to improve fuel


 Cruise Control Indicator
Cruise Control
SET Indicator

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control Indicator
When illuminated, the cruise control has been activated.  If equipped, this feature allows you to maintain a set speed without using the accelerator.

This indicator comes on at the moment the dynamic cruise control is set to a desired speed by the pushing down the lever. That specified speed will be continually maintained until the lever is released. 

If equipped, when vehicle-to-vehicle distance control mode is selected, the vehicle accelerates, decelerates, and stops to match the speed changes of the preceding vehicle even if the accelerator pedal is not depressed.





Four-Wheel Drive Indicator
Multi-Terrain Select Indicator
Crawl Control Indicator

On 4WD models, this indicator shows
if the vehicle is in 2WD (high
speed position, two-wheel drive),
4H (high speed position, four-wheel
drive), or 4L (low speed position,
four wheel drive) mode.

This indicator signals that the multi-terrain select system is activated, improving drivability in off-road situations. 

If equipped, this light indicates that
crawl control is working.  This
departure allows fixed low speed
travel on extremely rough off-road terrain without pressing the accelerator  or brake.  Loss of traction and slippage is minimized. 


READY Indicator
Electric Vehicle (EV) Drive Mode IndicatorElectric Vehicle (EV) Indicator

When a buzzer sounds and the indicator light changes from a flashing to a solid light, the hybrid system is starting normally.  The vehicle can move even if the engine is stopped, as long as the READY indicator is illuminated. The vehicle can not move if the READY indicator is not on. 
This indicator shows when the vehicle is in EV drive mode, powered by the hybrid battery and the electric motor.  This mode is especially useful when driving through quiet or indoor areas, causing less exhaust emissions and noise. 
When driving the vehicle using only the electric motor, the EV indicator will illuminate.