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122 W. Swamp Rd.
Doylestown, PA 18901

  • Sales: (888) 348-2915
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Customer Testimonials

Thompson Toyota

  • carl
    My Wife and I leased a new 2015 Camry. As I was inquiring about the new Camry, Tim Earles was our sales consultant and was very informative throughout the sales process and answered all of our questions. We took the car for a test drive two separate times, once with me and one time with my wife. We both liked the car and the way Tim demonstrated the vehicle. He did a great job explaining all of the new technology in the car. We would highly recommend Tim Earles and Thompson Toyota for a new or pre-owned vehicle. Tim made the sales experience pleasurable. Carl and Karen Talocci
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  • noahm124
    I just recently purchased my first vehicle from this dealership, and I can't anything wrong about it! The Customer Service was great, and I was able to find exactly what I was looking for!
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    I traveled 4 hours to purchase my new Sienna AWD 2015 from Thompson Toyota! My local car dealers were not able to find the van I wanted, but through telephone and email communications Tim Earles got me just the vehicle my family needed. Everything was well arranged once I arrived for pick up. The service was exceptional and I love my new minivan (our 3rd sienna!). I highly recommend working with the team in Doylestown!
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    marie longo
    On Tuesday, 12/30/14 I visited 2 different Car Dealers. When I walked into the Door of Thompson Toyota, Walt McGinty, came out greeted me with a friendly smile, walked me around the showroom and the lot. Explained what I was looking for, he steered toward Camrys and Carollas. I had to leave for work, also wanted to check out the Volkswagons He was cordial, brought out the Sales Manager, Steve Tagye. Very Professional experience at Thompson Toyota in Doylestown. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THOMPSON TOYOTA TO ANYONE LOOKING FOR A NEW OR USED CAR.
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    Kristen 219
    Recently upgraded my Rav4....my 3rd one! Great car and great buying experience thanks to Thompson Toyota! Working with Tim was an easy, no-stress experience! He is so knowledgeable and ready to answer all your questions! If you're in the market for a new vehicle, stop by Thompson & ask for Tim!!!
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    We felt comfortable right from the get go with Tim. He listened to what our wants and needs were. His knowledge of vehicles is outstanding! Not just Toyota's. He knows his market. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a vehicle to go to Tim! They will not be dissappointed.
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    I have bought a 2010 Toyota Tundra, 2011 Rav4 & 2005 Honda Accord here. My salesman was Jim Ogle. He was a pleasure to deal with. It wasn't just about the sale for him. He made everything pleasant for us. I also brought my sister to him and she bought 2 Rav4's from him and she was thrilled with her experience also. My brother-in-law bought a Tundra also from this same dealer. Thompson is the first place I look and tell others to look when looking for a new or used vehicle. No pressure and no hassle. Great Job Jim Ogle!!!!!!!!!!
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    After two months of used car shopping, we finally found our Honda Civic at Thompson Toyota, of all places. Tim Earles is an excellent Salesman, very knowledgeable, professional, and most of all - a really nice guy! The entire process was quick and painless, thanks to Tim and the entire Thompson staff. We were pleasantly surprised when Tim took us for a brief tour of the service center wherein they promise 60 minute or less wait for an oil change. Thank you Thompson!
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    After months of searching for a new truck, we thought we would look at the Toyota Tacoma. Much to our surprise, we LOVED IT! While we knew the sales representative, Jim Ogle, wanted to close the deal before we left, he was more than willing to work with us to allow us to make up our minds in the time we needed. He also worked with us to make sure we got exactly what we wanted! We would recommend Thompson Toyota to anyone! As a follow up, we have recommended Thompson to family and friends. Not only did we get our Tacoma, my father purchased a Camry from them, using Jim. And then a month later my mother purchased the same vehicle. We just learned that one of our friends was thinking of going to Thompson Toyota, and told him it is a no brainer.
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    I am and have been a Doylestown resident since 1996. After purchasing a brand new 2003 Highlander from a very young salesman by the name of Andrew Walker at Thompson Toyota, I vowed at the time never to purchase a car from this dealership ever again. After lengthy negotiations on price, when it came to close the deal, Thompson failed to honor the commitments made by Andrew. Andrew's response was "I'm a car salesman . I'm supposed to lie." My observations of the dealership's culture in addition to Andrew's lack of ethics were indications of the way Jack Thompson wished to model his business. As the result of this experience, my next two cars over the next five years were leased from Fred Beans Subaru and Peruzzi Toyota. Both experiences were OK, but against my better judgment, I decided to go back to Thompson in 2012 when it came time to turn in the leased Camry that I got from Peruzzi. I live close to Thompson Toyota and simply didn't want to be bothered with driving all over the place searching for a fair deal. That's when I met Steve Tagye (sales manager) who introduced me to Bob Cohen (sales consultant). Because of my experience with Thompson in 2003, I was pretty jaded in my discussions with Bob and Steve, but they easily grinned and bared with me and gave me a very good deal on a 2012 Corolla S. But I have to admit that I still wasn't in love with the place regardless of my good experience with Bob and Steve. The 2003 experience was still fresh in my mind and, to me, a car dealership was simply a means to an end in order to get my hands on the car that I wanted to drive. Fast forward to today. Last week, I had brought my 2012 Corolla S in to Thompson for the annual inspection. While I was waiting, I walked around looking at the 2014 Corolla S and marveled how much Toyota changed the body, features and trim on the S model. I ran into Bob Cohen who I hadn't seen since leasing the 2012 Corolla S and to my amazement, he not only remembered my first and last name, he pronounced my last name perfectly which is no easy feat with those unfamiliar with it. And as cynical as I can be, I don't believe it was part of some conspiracy where the service department called over to the sales department to let Bob know that I was on the property. Frankly, even if it turns out to be that's what happened...Wow! What team communication and salesmanship to make a potential sale! To cut an already long story short, I am happy to say that I walked out of Thompson Toyota last night with a brand new 2014 Corolla S. Bob, Steve and I put together an excellent deal where they bought me entirely out of the lease on the 2012 Corolla S one year early to get me into the 2014 Corolla S lease at a lower monthly payment! They had to locate the car in the color and model that I wanted from another dealer, which they did in three days, since they didn't have one on the lot. I had hoped to have made out better on the buyout of the 2012 Corolla S lease with some equity to be applied to the new 2014 Corolla S lease since the car I was turning in was in pristine condition and I had such low mileage on it. But I eventually realized that the dealership needs to turn a fair profit on a portion of the entire transaction when they sell the car I was turning in to be able to exist in the first place to continue offering great products and services through the help of great associates like Bob and Steve. Suffice it to say that these guys have changed my entire outlook on the car buying experience. They are honest, do not employ hard pressure sales tactics, are entirely transparent in their disclosures and are always respectful even at times in the past when I'm embarrassed to say that I may not have been the same to them. If either of these guys ever leave Thompson, I don't know what the xxxx I'm going to do especially since we will eventually need to replace the 2003 Highlander that my wife still drives. I would highly recommend contacting Bob if you are in the market for a new car. He and Steve work extremely well together. Message to Jack Thompson...you managed to get back a former customer solely because of these guys which, as you know, is extremely difficult and costly to do. Don't screw it up and revert back to doing business the way a large portion of your industry does.
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